Tiger on the Blackboard

I’m rather envious of the fact that my husband has an entire blackboard to himself at work, and a replenishable box of coloured chalk. He tries to spin me the tale that these are his work accessories, but of course I drop in every now and then to check on his truth, and I find all he does with his lovely coloured chalks is draw squiggles, curves, and designs with numbers. In an effort to inspire him – and do justice to all the lovely chalks – I have begun to hide little secret marvellousnesses all over his scribbly blackboard.

In one corner, I have drawn a little flower in blue chalk, and carefully labelled it “bloo fwowurr”. In another corner, I have drawn a green leaf, and hidden beneath it is yellow letters, I have written “haloom!” (that’s “woaaarrrr!” in Bengali.)

I thought I’d cleverly slipped my scratchings by him, but last night when I went to pick him up, I saw that while the formulae and graphs on the board had changed, my little gems have been carefully preserved.


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