Squashing Society’s Advancing Rot

A few months back, an online acquaintance [“a handsome genius of an online acquaintance”, he wishes you to know] very generously pointed his social network to a fantastic page on Facebook. And by “fantastic”, I mean “something that should exist only in unwell fantasies”. It’s called “Bengalis for Squashing Social Rot”, and is run by a group of dedicated – but carefully anonymous – right-wing ‘patriots’, horrified by the pro-women rot MERCILESSLY DESTROYING Indian and Bengali society.

Although their treasure chest of older posts is a wealth of bottomless delight, these are a few of my favourites from their most recent efforts. I never fail to be deeply moved by their outpourings of PASSIONATE CIVIL RIGHTS CONCERN!!! for that one disempowered, exploited, and systematically marginalised social group: the heterosexual male.

Honestly, these people are amazing. As in, their existence incites great and perplexed amazement. If they were locked up in a zoo, I would pay to go see them going even more nuts in their tiny, inhuman cages. It would be such a beautiful manifestation of their voluntary mental incarceration.

Translation of each poster’s content follows their respective image.



Men Beware! A Blackmail racket has grown up in this country under the protection of our excessively man-hating laws. A class of women are using male sensitivity to play this filthy game.

They are making millions and millions by trapping the older and younger brothers of OUR VERY OWN HOMES! We request mothers and sisters to shield the men of their households, and to make women understand that “female chastity should not up for business”.

Happily, I haven’t a brother, either older or younger. I shudder to think of the mind that would device an entrapment plan to specifically catch men with female siblings. Haven’t these imbeciles heard of multi-purpose modelling?




Calling a whore a whore is anti-woman. Punishing women of rotten-character will have you jailed!

Don’t be surprised, this is our society, these are our laws.

A female village head punished a woman who left her husband to live with another man by chopping off her hair. Result? The head, along with three other women, were put in jail.

So now women will now spend their days with men, as they like, and law enforcement will protect them. On the other hand, men doing the same thing will be jailed. This society needs to change fast. If no political party supports this, let us get our rights ourselves.

Did I say something wrong?

Hells no, elder or younger brother. You go get your right… to cut women’s hair. Happy barbershopping.



Boys taking anything from their in-laws to run their families is dowry!


Girls stealing thousands and thousands of rupees every day from their husband’s pockets for their own sake is “pocket money”?

Do you think this society should change? Don’t forget to “like” and “share” if you agree.

I’ve liked, and I’ve shared. Bitches getting thousands and thousands of rupees every day need to be stopped! Unless they’re willing to cut me in. There’s a mile-long list of book and bookcases my partner and I need to buy.

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