Two Minute Poem

I can do challenges too. Oh yes, I can! When I went to post my post about Tarkarli beach on IndiBlogger, I saw this challenge on IndiSpire:

“Write a 2minute poem! An INSTANT 2-minute poem, a simple, sweet, nicely rhyming poem, playing with words, not hard but easy, funny and cool, a relief to your mind, not to grind, but to find, a solace and some peace.”

I read that and thought, yeah, fuck THAT. “A solace and some peace” indeed! So here’s my instant, two-minute poem. Grind your teeth to anxious stubs, y’all.

Forty people on an island green,
Lived in glee from land to tureen.

One sharp man from a country afar
Brought in cold plastic, bar by bar.

Burbly rivers on an island brown
Turned sludgy as it all turned town.

Forty people on an island grey,
Ate chemical meals from a chipped liā€™l tray.

So there, everybody. How’s that for “funny and cool”?

2 thoughts on “Two Minute Poem

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  1. I would say you nailed the memo! šŸ™‚ “A solace and some peace” indeed. hehehehe!
    How are you and my furry friends doing?

    1. They’re doing very well, but I am down with fever and the first stages of a heavy cold. Which means four weeks of constant, nagging misery. Not bad enough to stay home and drink soup all day, nor low-key enough to be properly functional. Good times.

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