Meet Beauty

We’re mostly a cynical lot – and who can blame us? – but every now and then, I come across little snippets of life that I think might crack a smile on the hardest nuts. Beauty is just such a story. The photograph is shared from the portfolio of a Bangladeshi photographer called GMB Akash, and I am, as of this very moment, a fan of his work.

Here’s Johora Begum, and the story of her Beauty.


‘Meet my cat! I adopted her three months ago and named her ‘Beauty’. On my way from work that night I saw this cat injured in the opposite lane of the train track. I brought it with me and because of my care it started healing on its own. My husband stopped talking to me for a week as his point was that we are poor and having a pet is funny for the people like us. I stick to my point that I couldn’t leave an injured animal regardless of whether it was a cat/dog/rabbit or even a bird. I was very afraid to leave ‘Beauty’ in the presence of my husband while I usually leave for work. But to my surprise after a week I saw him bringing milk for ‘Beauty’ and searching for her everywhere. This cat is a gem; she brought my husband’s childhood back.’

Delightful, isn’t it? Given the number of people who are all for culling the population of stray dogs, cats, bulls, monkeys and city-visiting wildcats, people like Johora Begum seem nothing short of a miracle. Devout folks say sometimes that they feel the touch of the divine in their everyday lives… if they feel what this story (and the picture of Queen Beauty in Johora’s adoring lap) made me feel, then religion might just be worth the fuss.

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