The Simple Life

For almost three years now, our ‘dining-table’ has been two stools I bought from a couple of Dinajpuri craftsmen at a Shantiniketan fair. If we had guests, the coffee table adopted from my partner’s old place was called into service. It was a fine arrangement. Now, however, we’ve finally decided to get a bigger table – one we can comfortably spread our books and laptops on when meals are not in session. Said table will be delivered next week. So in the meanwhile, here are some parting shots of the fabulous Dinajpuri dining-stools.

Top-left: Weekday winter breakfast. Sausages, baked beans heated with bits of cheese, buttered toast, grapes, strawberries, and some lettuce to clean the palate.

Bottom-left: “Chinese” dinner. Stir-fried noodles and vegetables, chilli prawn, tossed chicken in dark soya sauce gravy.

Right: Summery Bengali lunch with a side of tandoori chicken. Mushur daal with green chillies, potato-brinjal-pumpkin-spinach curried with only salt, sugar and turmeric, and onions+lemon on the side.


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