The Simple Life

For almost three years now, our 'dining-table' has been two stools I bought from a couple of Dinajpuri craftsmen at a Shantiniketan fair. This is their swan song.

Victory, She Announced

Sourced from social media, for in many ways, this movement has been defined by its presence on social media. For that, as my friend Parichay pointed out, #hokkolorob probably owes a debt to journalist and veteran of the Shahbag Andolon Arif Jabtik, who advised protesting students not to depend on media houses for unbiased reportage.... Continue Reading →

Rural Bengal in Bombay

I started a crowd-sourced project on this blog and on Facebook, about spatial memories. Predictably, absolutely no one responded to the blog, and lots of people embraced the idea on Facebook. Owing to various things - chiefly embarrassment at having to claim ownership of something actually successful - I avoided the Facebook page for ages.... Continue Reading →

One For the Books

It's a rainy, booky, pots of tea day, and so I will finally try and compile that book list I've been asked several times to do. The request, if I remember right, was to list books that have influenced me the most. I'm not sure what that means, exactly; Sarat Chandra, for example, makes me... Continue Reading →

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