Snapshots of a Small Revolution, 1

The #hokkolorob ('Let there be clamour', 'let there be a confluence of voices') movement based in Jadavpur University saw a great deal of support from the public, and some opposition from the state and the authoritarian Hindu Nationalist party BJP. Nonetheless, after a four-month struggle, the vice-chancellor of the university was finally forced to vacate... Continue Reading →


A tiny handful of posts on social media reminded me yesterday that it was Satyajit Ray's birthday. Satyajit Ray, for those that don't know, was a very gifted creative-type with a fine eye for the technical. He revived and ran the iconic Bengali children's magazine Sandesh, wrote three very successful series of fiction for young-adults,... Continue Reading →

Tiger on the Blackboard

I'm rather envious of the fact that my husband has an entire blackboard to himself at work, and a replenishable box of coloured chalk. He tries to spin me the tale that these are his work accessories, but of course I drop in every now and then to check on his truth, and I find... Continue Reading →

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