US 2012

You may continue to call Mr. O. Prez. Yay. [Although really, my happiness is about Rom. not winning, not Ob. not losing] However, on a FAR sweeter note... Elizabeth Warren wins! Massachusetts is wrested back from the inexplicable Scott Brown! Oh, sweet sighs of relief. I'd have hated to have gone back to a Republican... Continue Reading →

Calcutta Jazz and Moon Over Soho

In Ben Aaronovitch's Moon Over Soho -- which I definitely recommend, but only if you have a taste for delightfully cheeky detours in your rip-tear-kill supernatural blood-fests -- there's this little bit that is a perfect embodiment of attention to detail, excellent research, an eye for trivia, and a handy reference library of ethnic acquaintances... Continue Reading →

Playing Both Sides: Tango Down!

Had June 9th 2012 been a bigger success, the latest addition to Bollywood's lift-library could well be a stock Special Forces sequence, where young patriots in uniform barge into a terrorist hideout and spray vile mockers of our democracy with bullets, screaming "Tango down! Tango down!" Because apparently, 'tango' means a terrorist or a target... Continue Reading →

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